Month: October 2012

The Virgin of Breezy Point

A statue of the Virgin Mary sits amid rubble in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, N.Y., Tuesday. Fire destroyed at least 80 homes there as Sandy hit the beachfront community. Source: Wall Street Journal

Hurricane Sandy

To who are inquiring, myself and family are safe, fortunately with power throughout. Prayers requested for those less fortunate. I think many of us in New York and New Jersey, having no real experience with hurricanes (and “Irene” being rather ‘overhyped’), simply did not anticipate Hurricane Sandy being as bad as it was.

Some photos from last night’s “Storm of the Century”:

Source: Gothamist – “Will the owner of a 40-foot white boat called the “Gral Sper” please come remove it from the Metro-North tracks ASAP?”

Source: Gothamist: GreenPoint during the Surge

Source: Gothamist: A TANKER on Staten Island Street

Source: Gothamist: Flooding happening all over the city

Source: Gothamist: Flooding happening all over the city

Source: Facebook – Taxi terminal in Hoboken, NJ.

Source: Tumblr: “The River that was the N Train”

Source: Gothamist: Lower Manhattan Loses Power

Source: “Breezy Point from Above” Chris Heller, (Twitpic)