Month: August 2011

‎”When it comes to fighting vampires and performing exorcisms, the Roman Catholic Church has the heavy artillery. Your other religions are good for everyday theological tasks, like steering their members into heaven, but when the undead lunge up out of their graves, you want a priest on the case. As a product of Catholic schools, I take a certain pride in this pre-eminence.”

– Roger Ebert [quote pilfered from Siris]



There are certain kinds of natural incidents you don’t expect to encounter in the middle of New York City.

Nor’easters, yes. Hurricanes — on occasion. Tornadoes? — not so much, but after the big one last September I’m aware they can happen.

But really, an EARTHQUAKE?

As Crankycon said, “two seconds of terror”.

Still, looking at an earthquake map of the United States for the past 7 days, I can understand how folks on the West coast can find our (over)reaction comical.