Christopher Hitchens’ Loss of Faith

Santiago Ramos reviews Christopher Hitchens’ Hitch 22:

Hitch-22: A MemoirBut because so much has already been said about what makes Hitchens interesting, and because, thanks to this memoir, it is so easy to verify for one’s self that this is so, I’d like to spend this review pointing out the one way in which Hitchens has become less interesting in the second half of his life: his loss of faith. Not his faith in God – in his memoir, Hitchens says that he probably never had much of a faith in God to begin with – but his faith in Marxism. Not (as the pundits would have it) his supposed switch from “leftist” to “neocon,” but rather his much more dramatic, and underappreciated, transformation from being a revolutionary to just another voter like the rest of us. … [More]


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