Wanted: Part-Time Work (Re-Post)

So here’s the deal — my financial situation is tight at the moment (much like, well, 90% of the country?). Donations would be appreciated, but I’m really not the type to bleg for handouts and prefer to do something in return.

Given that I am possessing some technical skills, perhaps I have something to offer in the way of web design. I am fluent w/ HTML (hand-code from scratch), CSS and Photoshop. I enjoy sprucing up blogs and/or websites — you can see the examples of a few by the banners in the margin, and of course there’s the Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club.

If you’re looking for

  • Setting up a basic website (or assistance w/ an existing one)
  • Need to touch up your blog (Blogger or WordPress), with images customized to your taste,
  • or if you just need a blog-header or banner made, I’m your man.

Rates are negotiable.

Interested? — Email me at blostopher “at” gmail.com.

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