Let’s welcome ‘American Catholic’ to St. Blog’s Parish

Starting today I am privileged to be invited as a contributor to a new blogging collective known as American Catholic. My fellow bloggers (some of whom you may recognize): Chris Burgwald, Walter Cole, Dr. David Curp, Ryan Harkins, Brendan Hodge (DarwinCatholic), Donald R. McClarey (who I have long held the opinion — from his comments at Mark Shea’s, Vox Nova and elsewhere — should be blogging!), Peter Park, Joe Potillor, Zach (Civics Geeks), and Rusty Tisdale — and I thank Tito for bringing us all together.

Given my other blogging ventures here and at Catholics in the Public Square, The Benedict Blog, and Catholics Against Joe Biden (the latter at least until November 04, 2008), my efforts will be limited. But I hope that what meager contributions I can provide will be of benefit to my colleagues and our readers.


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