Higher Calling: Blogger Credentialed as Newsweek Reporter

  • Higher Calling: A woman is ordained to the Catholic priesthood. Not surprisingly, the hierarchy does not approve, by Karen Springen:

    Sept. 13, 2007 – Last week 25-year-old Jessica Rowley became one of about a dozen women nationwide to make a highly unusual career move: she was ordained a Catholic priest. Rowley’s ordination—which took place at Eden Theological Seminary, a progressive institution in Webster Groves, Mo.—is approved by the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, a group of churches that decline to recognize the authority of the pope but see themselves nevertheless as Catholic.

  • Jeff Miller announces his own Higher Calling:

    I have quite an announcement to make. I am now a reporter for Newsweek magazine! I always felt a call to be a reporter for Newsweek magazine so this is something very important for me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am at this news and the impact this has on my life and hopefully the lives of others.

    The hierarchy of Newsweek magazine though doesn’t recognize my call to be a reporter for them. So I had to have reporter credentials given me by an Ecumenical magazine group that also see themselves nevertheless as Newsweek employees and don’t recognize the authority of Newsweek‘s editors to make hiring decisions.

(Via Amy Welborn | Shaking Off Sleep). My heartfelt congratulations to Jeff Miller on his new vocation.


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