Hans Kung needs to write less, and read more, by Carl Olson Ignatius Insight September 11, 2007:

The interviewer asked: “A personal question: On Sept. 12 you will introduce your autobiography ‘Controversial Truth.'” What? Another biography? Is this different from My Struggle for Freedom: Memoirs (Eerdmans, 2003) and Disputed Truth: Memoirs, Volume 2 (Continuum, 2008), which together add up to about 820 pages!? Please, if only for the sake of the poor trees, stop writing and start reading.

On a related note: The Effluence of Kung, The Brevity of Ratzinger Against The Grain January 5, 2005. Q: Will Kung be as nasty towards Ratzinger in volume II as he was towards John Paul II in volume one?

Jeff Miller (from the commments):

Whereas the best theologians have done their theology on their knees, you get the idea that Hans Kung does his in front of a mirror.


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