Acton University 2007 Live Audio

  • Acton University describes itself as “a unique, four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society. Guided by a distinguished, international faculty, Acton University is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and integrate rigorous philosophy, Christian theology and sound economics.”

    The American Papist attended the 2007 Acton University conference this year. For those not as lucky (like moi), the Acton blog has kindly made available the lectures in mp3 format:

    Listen to Stephen Haessle on “Basic Principles of Catholic Social Teaching”; Dr. Jay Richards on “A Proper Christian Approach to the Environment”; “Pope Benedict XVI and His Vision for Europe”, by Dr. Samuel Gregg; “Market Economics and the Family,” by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and more . . .

  • Also, E. Calvin Beisner posts a massive Environmental Stewardship News Round-Up to the Acton blog. Lots of stories to read, and judging by the subjects I’m sure will send the comments flying. Check it out. =)

Update 6/30/07 Acton University 2007 Audio Links – Here are all of the audio links conveniently posted together on one page.


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