• Kevin Miller (Heart, Mind and Strength) defends another Catholic unfairly libeled by Catholic World News:

    I’ve actually been mostly ignoring CWN for some time now – I no longer have the time or inclination to try to be the theological police for the entire Catholic sector of the blogosphere – but a reader emailed yesterday to tell me that he was skeptical about one of “Diogenes'” latest posts on CWN’s blog. Responding to a Tablet article, CWN’s house cynic lumps the French Dominican theologian Yves Congar in with several others [] who are to be rejected as unoriginal leftist publicity hounds. . . .READ MORE
  • “The Soul Is Not Just Some Metaphysical Idea”. Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester) shares his conversion story in Catholic Answers October 2004.
  • “Suprised by Canon Law: What every Catholic apologist should know about Canon Law”, by Peter Vere. An essay for Envoy Magazine. Peter has just published a book of the same title, addressing “150 questions Catholics ask about canon law” (order it here from St. Anthony Messenger Press).

  • Disputations is tackling the mystery of free will and predestination.

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